Our Patron Saint


 St. Thomas More


The Alexander House Apostolate has chosen St. Thomas More as its patron saint.  He has been called  a man “for all seasons,” is recognized as a great defender of the Catholic faith, and was a devoted husband and father.  Truly he is an excellent role model for  a marriage ministry operating in today’s  secularized culture!

Even though he was attracted in his early years to the priesthood and spent four years living the austere life of the Carthusian Order, he eventually opted for married life. After the death of his first wife, who bore him four children, he married again to a widow and adopted her daughter. The family prayed together daily, and St. Thomas More himself set aside all Fridays for his own spiritual exercises. St. Thomas More believed in the education of women – a truly radical notion for his time. His daughters were better-educated than most men of this era.

He also was a brilliant lawyer and, later, a very fine judge. Because of this distinguished service, he was appointed Lord Chancellor of England. Henry VIII, his court and most of the English clergymen tried to persuade Thomas More to approve the king’s divorce from Catherine of Aragon and to take the Oath of Supremacy.  Doing so would have acknowledged that Henry VIII was the head of the Church of England instead of the Pope.

More held firm to the teachings of the Catholic Church, despite knowing well that to remain steadfast meant certain execution. He was imprisoned and beheaded in London in 1535. Four hundred years later (in 1935) he was canonized as a saint and martyr. His feast day is celebrated on June 22.