Made for Each Other

The Alexander House Apostolate has partnered with the Guadalupe Radio Network to bring you our radio show “Made for Each Other” -  a live show hosted by Greg & Julie Alexander that discusses topics about love, relationships and marriage. The main focus of the show is to help couples discover God’s plan for Marriage and the joy that comes from living it out. Each week we will have a special guest who will be addressing issues that most (if not all) couples deal with in their marriage.

The Guadalupe Radio Network reaches a population of 19,500,000 potential listeners. It is the only Catholic radio organization establishing Catholic radio stations in both English and Spanish in the same markets. It operates solely through the generosity of our listeners following the model of Eternal Word Television Network.  GRN is here to serve the Church and we endeavor to lead souls back to Jesus Christ through His holy Catholic Church, through the use of the powerful medium of radio.

The show will air every Wednesday from 11:00 to 12:00 CT. If you want to ask Greg and Julie a question please send them to:

We would really love to have you on our show so give us a call during the show or feel free to leave a message and we will answer your question on the air.

(877) 211-3853