Donor Testimonials

TAHA Stands Boldly for True Meaning of Marriage
“The Alexander House stands boldly for the true meaning of marriage in a society that seems to believe marriage is a thing of the past. Although marriage is now being treated as simply a legal concept subject to the changing tides of cultural norms, the Alexander House wisely shines a light on the eternal truths about God’s plan for marriage; a plan infinitely greater than anything that will come out of our courthouses or from the ballot box. We are very grateful for The Alexander House’s passion, dedication, and strong belief in their mission, and will continue to support its financially in hopes of impacting others, one marriage at a time.”  —Lisa & Steve Kienlen

Much-Needed Solution to Breakdown of Marriage
“The Alexander House provides a much-needed solution to the breakdown of marriage in our society. The unique gift that they provide is going beyond just helping the couple avoid divorce; it’s providing practical tools to enable the couple to have a joy-filled marriage which reflects the love of God to a broken world.” —Allen & Denae Hebert