Great Marriage Challenge

Although most of us realize that marriage is the building block of our society meaning that a lifelong marriage between a man and a woman is good for the couple, their children and society, and that many of the problems that we are facing are due to the breakup of marriage; the unfortunate reality for contemporary Americans is that virtually all of us have experienced divorce in some way: our parents, our own, our children, our close relatives and our friends.

Regardless of the many attacks being waged on marriage today, the Alexanders believe that our goal should be to support all couples in having thriving and joy-filled relationships. Yes, it is true that laws should uphold morality, and that making something legal doesn’t make it necessarily moral; but it is only through a change of hearts brought about by personal evangelization that our society will begin to change and be reshaped; bringing the Good News to as many couples as possible is the goal of the Great Marriage Challenge tour.

The founding of The Alexander House is Greg & Julie’s response to God in appreciation for having brought them through the crisis that they experienced in their marriage.  When they hit “rock bottom” they instinctively turned to their parish looking and searching for help and guidance. There seemed to be no real concrete guidance.  A Catholic therapist actually suggested they divorce.

Fortunately the Holy Spirit intervened and a visiting priest took the time to listen and offer direction to them.  He asked them three simple questions:

  • What is God’s plan for marriage?
  • What does the Church teach about marriage?
  • What do St Paul and many of the Holy Fathers write about marriage?

They responded to his direction and were able to rebuild their marriage based on the answers to those three questions. Grateful to God for a second chance they committed to help build better marriages in the Church and have been doing so for the past 14 years.

Through the Marriage Works in Christ EWTN series, Made for Each Other radio show, Covenant of Love programs for marriage enrichment, Marriage Disciples couple to couple mentoring, numerous workshops and speaking engagements, and their book Marriage 911 they have been boldly proclaiming the beauty, goodness and truth of God’s plan for marriage.

With The Great Marriage Challenge tour, the Alexanders will be visiting parishes in different parts of the country to challenge all the couples they encounter to live marriage as God intended and to be a light to a world that is living in darkness. You and your parish can join this challenge by inviting Greg and Julie to speak in your area to present “From Crisis to Christ” a talk about their personal testimony and a call to action to all those who participate.

Take the Challenge! On Facebook, go to #marriagechallenge and state that you accept the challenge and tell us what you are going to do for your spouse.