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Greg and Julie Alexander, The Alexander House Apostolate


Since 1999, Greg and Julie Alexander have sought to help restore marriages through The Alexander House, their ministry dedicated to marriage enrichment. After finding themselves on the brink of a divorce, they turned to a visiting priest who advised them to read the Church’s teachings on marriage. They did, which led them to reconcile, quit their jobs and devote their lives to preserving the marriage covenant, building strong families and lowering the divorce rate. Through their ministry, Greg and Julie work with couples via programming such as marriage enrichment workshops, couple-to-couple sessions and a weekly, one-hour Guadalupe Radio Network show about love, relationships and marriage. They hope to assist couples in finding God’s plan for marriage and the joy that comes from living it out

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Created by The Alexander House Apostolate, the Covenant of Love Ministry is more than a ministry; it is a call to action, an initiative, and a resource offered to parishes designed to strengthen marriage ministries or to help build a foundation to create one. This Marriage Ministry works to educate, strengthen, promote, and advocate the splendor, beauty and truth of God’s plan for marriage.

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Marriage Disciples was developed to assist couple in preparing, strengthening or saving their troubled marriage. The family is the foundation of society, but in order to have healthy and thriving families we must first have good marriages. Many couples simply do not know where to turn for help. Most do not want a divorce, they just want to be happy again.

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The Alexander House Apostolate has partnered with the Guadalupe Radio Network to bring you our radio show “Made for Each Other” – a live show hosted by Greg & Julie Alexander that discusses topics about love, relationships and marriage. The main focus of the show is to help couples discover God’s plan for Marriage and the joy that comes from living it out.

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Although most of us realize that marriage is the building block of our society meaning that a lifelong marriage between a man and a woman is good for the couple, their children and society, and that many of the problems that we are facing are due to the breakup of marriage; the unfortunate reality for contemporary Americans is that virtually all of us have experienced divorce in some way: our parents, our own, our children, our close relatives and our friends.

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We would like to thank these Corporate Sponsors who are helping to support The Alexander House 5th Annual Benefit Dinner celebrating 15 years of proclaiming the beauty, goodness and truth of marriage. We ask that you keep each of them in your prayers and when you are out to help support their business as they generously support The Alexander House.

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